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Find Your Niche Market

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When setting up your business, it’s important to find your niche market. This is something you’ll hear over and over again when you’re looking for how to make your business stand out. I’ve probably spent the equivalent of weeks starting and abandoning blogs and websites that I felt fit into a niche where I had expertise.

But the point of a niche is that you shouldn’t have to fit into it. Are you ready for this mind-blowing way to find your niche…

It’s you! You are your niche!

It sounds cliche, but it’s true.

I’ll tell you my story about this revelation because when it comes to the little corner of the internet that only you are good at, you ARE the expert. And you’ll attract people who resonate with you.

Years ago, I started a now-abandoned cooking blog (which still gets about 20k visitors a year. I only like to mention because it’s a testament to the power of SEO. But it didn’t appeal to my marketing interests.

Then I started a Medium page on Mindfulness and Wellness but that didn’t appeal to my business side either.

I even started a fitness Instagram that grew pretty quickly, but I abandoned it just as fast and have since forgotten all of my logins.

Then one day it hit me: there are TONS of stressed out professionals out there who are like me and could use some strategies to incorporate mindfulness into their marketing.

So many marketing blogs are full of stats about how to increase ROI and boost CTRs and they are VERY valuable and I read them often… but I don’t need to be another one of those blogs. We have enough of those.

My niche is the corner of the internet that belongs to professionals who want to keep working hard while protecting their time and mental health. That’s my niche.

How to find your niche market?

Grab a pen and paper, then ask yourself these questions:

  • What am I good at?
  • What do I like?
  • What provides value to other people?

I was recently given this advice by a mentor and it has helped me uncover some major revelations about myself.

But truthfully, it’s this simple. Find these values, then stick to them in your content, ads, etc. Don’t worry about if there are enough people in that niche to resonate with you. If there’s anything the internet has taught us, it’s that there are all kinds of people finding ways to connect with like-minded folks.

Please share the niche you come up with, and I wish you success and revelation!