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Tools to Be a Better Writer

how to be a better writer
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Whenever I help people start a content marketing effort, they often ask how to be a better writer. The good news is there are lots of tools to help anyone create useful, engaging content. The best part is the satisfaction they feel when they put out their first article and sees even one or two visits.

So if you’re ready to get started on your own content marketing efforts here are some tools that can help.

Tools to Be a Better Writer

Time Management Tools

If time management is your biggest writing weakness, here are two simple tools that can help.

Timer 25: The Minimalist Timer

I first started using this app to try and improve my eye health. It gives you an alert every 25 minutes and reminds you to get up and look away from the computer. Then come back for the next 25-minute session. But it also helps with productivity. This 25-minute method is also called the Pomodoro method. So if you’d prefer a non-plugin version of a similar tool, you can find it here.


This is another Chrome plugin that helps you cut distractions. It’s flexible and allows you to block certain sites for whatever length of time you want. So if you like to reward yourself for an honest 15 minutes of work by scanning your socials, this will help keep you focused.


Trello is no longer a “best-kept secret.” I’ve found it useful for everything from managing my blog to planning a bachelorette party. The basic plan is free, and unlike many free options, it’s still very helpful in keeping a project organized. It also allows you to have collaborators if you want to.

Writing Tools

These tools will help you stay focused and feel confident about your grammar and writing.

Hemingway App

The Hemingway App has gained popularity over the years, and with good reason. This app tracks the readability of your article. So if you’re bad at grammar and don’t know a passive from an active voice, this will become your best friend. Keep in mind that you want your writing to come in at around a 5th-grade level.


Grammarly is another helpful tool when it’s time to check the structure of your writing. But, unlike Hemingway, it’s a plugin, so it works whether you’re writing an email or an article. It’s free to sign up.

Google Docs

Google Docs allows you to sign in with your Google account and provides a ton of value. It’s a free Microsoft Word that lives in the Cloud. You’re able to collaborate with people and do about anything you can do in Word. There are also useful templates. I used one for my resume about five years ago. Since then, countless people have asked me if they can use the layout to make their own. Besides Docs, Google has other programs that are like Excel and Powerpoint.